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The Challenge

Brenda stormed into our T-mobile store obvioiusly mad at something. She threw her phones down on our counter and vehemently explained that she was done with T-mobile, nothing was working and she had been on the phone with our our national call center trying to get things resolved for the past 3 hours. She wanted her money back and she never wanted to have anything to do with T-mobile again.

The Solution

I calmly listened to Brenda and asked a few more questions to figure out what the real problem was. It turned out to be something that I was pretty good at fixing so I begged Brenda to give T-Mobile one more shot. I fixed her phones, explained a few things and sent her out of the store with the promise that if she was still having trouble the next day we would unconditionally return her money.

Turning Angry Customers Into Raving Fans

Consistently Beating Sales Quotas

Learn More About Me

On multiple occasions, I saw Axel present to large and small groups, giving trainings on various teaching/communication skills. I remember one presentation in particular that was given to a group of about 14 people regarding effective listening -- not just hearing what somebody is saying, but acting as a sounding board and confirming what they are saying to fully understand what they are actually meaning to get across. This training has stuck with me for years and I reflect on it often.

Tucker Garrett

Zone Leader

Axel possesses extremely good innovative acumen. Time and again he has come up with innovative solution to address problems. For example, he applied innovative techniques to implement scanning solution requirements, that resulted in better visibility and increased efficiency in business operations.

Devajyoti Chakraborty

IT Systems Architect, Energy Future Holdings

In the years we worked together you were ALWAYS calm. There were times I knew you were under pressure but you never appeared flustered or upset or stressed. You managed yourself so professionally and still expressed and showed greater concern for those around you.

Robin Shelander

Administrative Assistant, Texas Christian University

Our scout troop runs a fund raiser where we post flags in neighbors' yards on national holidays. When Axel inherited this project as a new scoutmaster, he saw about a dozen ways it could be done better, and set about implementing each of them. Of course he immediately employed current technology solutions to streamline both the order-taking and logistical processes, but he was just as capable on the low-tech side, conceiving of better ways to come at the entire project conceptually. The fund-raiser never ran better than when Axel was at the helm.

Adam Lowe

Assistant Scoutmaster

I've always been passionate about innovation. Never satisfied with the status quo, I'm great at finding cheaper, better, faster ways to do all sorts of things. If you feel like this is you, I’d love to work with you. Say

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